i own a lot of books and i am always frowning

~The Gang~
- 2 leopard geckos [normal + tremper albino]
- bearded dragon [red x orange]
- uromastyx [high yellow]
- 2 cockatiels [gray + whiteface]
- guinea pig
- 2 cats
- pacotaco [Husky x Lab]
- 2 ball pythons [normals]
- ♥lil bean♥ [border collie x lab]


Coursera has the feel of real school

Just looking at the assignment and quiz deadlines* makes me excited and anxious, and listening to the lectures is so thrilling.

I confess, I love learning. I love to pick up books and read of things I never knew of before, to study and repeat and store it inside of me to share with others, and to share with myself when I feel as though I’ve forgotten. Learning is a hobby for me, I really enjoy it all, so this is great for me.
I spent a lot of time feeling like a washed up turd because I’m not in school as you all know, and this feels really nice, to be in something of a school environment, and to do things I could never afford to do in a local university or a paid course. Ah i love this website fbkfdk./ I wish it had less math/statistics/computerin’ and more things I am passionate about, but regardless it is so wonderful to know sites like this exist out there for us, isn’t it? Doesn’t matter who or where you are.

*I started today, two days later, which is 2 days less to do everything. but i got  dis~

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