i own a lot of books and i am always frowning

~The Gang~
- 2 leopard geckos [normal + tremper albino]
- bearded dragon [red x orange]
- uromastyx [high yellow]
- 2 cockatiels [gray + whiteface]
- guinea pig
- 2 cats
- pacotaco [Husky x Lab]
- 2 ball pythons [normals]
- ♥lil bean♥ [border collie x lab]


HOLY MOTHER i am so out of shape

Just did my first learn to run.

I finished with everyone, i am so proud of myself for finishing. We did all of mundy pond. Even if it was a walk/run combo, I am still happy for me and everyone else doing it. :) I have really bad asthma and the air is so cold, its actually snowing. Not ideal conditions for me but i did okay, even if i can hardly breathe haha.

In eight weeks time, we’ll be doing a really big run, starting somewhere in mount pearl, and ending at corpus christi church, by bowring park. The thought of doing that terrifies me, all the negative thoughts in my head say “no you cant” but i am going to do everything in my power to do this no matter how hard it is.

ps. a big FUCK YOU to anyone who thinks i can’t do it, or doesnt believe in me. I do care what you think, and it does upset me that you’d think that way, but you can kiss my glorious fat ass when i do it ;)

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